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Business Must Go On

Continuous Availability

Move beyond backup & recovery to RESILIENCE & CONTINUITY.

Whether it's natural disasters, security breaches, machine failure or even human error, your business needs to keep going. But how do you make that happen?

ITRaaS - Delivering an “always-on” customer experience, no matter what planned or unplanned changes happen in your infrastructure.

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On Premise, In the Cloud or Elsewhere

Workload Mobility

Access your applications from anywhere.

Easily move applications and workloads while keeping them fully protected, enabling you to safely and seamlessly extend your data centres to the cloud.

Concerned about data residency? Choose an environment that’s most suitable to you, legally and operationally. You control where your applications reside within Jamaica or internationally.

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Low Opex, Zero Capex

This invisible infrastructure just works.
There’s no need to put pressure on the budget for new equipment or specialised training.

Relax With Worry Free IT

Manage Complex Workloads
Simply & Easily

This turnkey IT Resilience-as-a-service solution guarantees continuous data protection and near zerodata loss or downtime.

Conduct fail overs at the press of a button, giving you real time visibility and on-demand non-disruptive testing, all at your convenience.

It’s time to work with a team with a proven track record of world class solutions.

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